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Chef Z is incurably passionate about the subject of FOOD!

healthy food artfully presented...after all, without our health little else matters!

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C H E F  S U Z A N   G R A Y   
NRAEF ServSafe Certified Chef  

Innovative, quality oriented and high-energy Chef with 16+ years experience in the culinary arts industry as Chef, Sous Chef, Assistant Pastry Chef, Private Chef, Food Writer and Columnist, Catering Manager, Culinary Instructor and Recipe & Menu Developer

PRIVATE CHEF/INTERIM PRIVATE CHEF/PERSONAL CHEF: Possesses skills for providing all facets of service as live-in or live-out Private Chef or Interim Private Chef, and Personal Chef, including: staff management, recipe and menu development for standard and health concern diets, cooking and baking production, family style and formal service, garnishing, portion and budget control, inventory procurement and control, and wine and champagne service. Specializing in vegetarian, vegan, organic gourmet, Mediterranean cuisines, including: Italian, French, Greek, as well as Indian and Mexican fare

LEAD CATERING CHEF: Possesses skills for providing all facets of service as Lead Catering Chef, including: delegation of sous chef and kitchen team duties, temperature and food safety control, portion control, garnishing, presentation;
ASSISTANT PASTRY CHEF: Possesses skills for providing recipe development, production, quality control, garnishing and plating

CATERING MANAGER:  Possess skills for providing all facets of Front of House and Back of House service as Catering Manager, including: staff management and training, menu creation and portion control, budget control, food safety, equipment cleanliness, interfacing with clients and chefs, wine service instruction, management of small and large catered events in high-end venues, plating and garnishing design

CULINARY  INSTRUCTOR:  Possesses Culinary Instruction skills, including: instruction of basic to advanced home cooking and baking, knife skills instruction, menu and recipe development and writing, wine etiquette for demonstration and hands-on venues
FOOD WRITER/RECIPE WRITER/MENU DEVELOPER: Possesses Food Writing skills for newspapers, national publications,  cookbooks and websites

CERTIFICATION: NRAEF ServSafe Food Handling Certified


SPRING 2015                      CHEF for Tribeca Rooftop/360/Apogee Events under Chef Joe Jenkins
                                         Tribeca, NYC

2011 - PRESENT                  PRIVATE CHEF to various clients in the Central Virginia area

              2011                    PRIVATE CHEF to PHILANTHROPIST BILLIONAIRES FOSTER and LYNN FRIESS, Cody, WY         
                                         Responsible for creation and production of three daily meals for 25 family
                                         members and guests, including: weekly menu development, food production,
                                         procurement of and proper storage of food staples

2008 – 2010                        PRIVATE CHEF to TRI DELTA SORORITY, Charlottesville, VA
                                         Responsible for production and execution of daily meals for 50 seat private diningroom
                                         including: weekly menu development, food
production, staples procurement                                                                      

            2008                       INTERIM SOUS CHEF, INN AT MEANDER PLANTATION
                                          Locust Dale, VA
                                          Providing Sous Chef and Pastry Chef support to Exec. Chef David Scales

2004– 2007                          PRIVATE CHEF to the following clients -
                                          LOST CREEK RANCH, Jackson, WY 
                                          CATHERINE and FRED ADLER, NYC, NY
                                          SCOTT-CARTER family, Afton, VA
                                          STANLEY WOODWARD family, Charlottesville, VA
                                          20SOUTH CATERING, Charlottesville, VA
                                          Responsible for providing all facets of Private Chef services to elite clientele
                                          throughout Virginia and nationwide
2003 - 2004                         PRODUCE SALES ACCOUNT REP, Cavalier Produce, Charlottesville, VA (Piedmont Fresh, Inc.)
                                          Responsible for procuring and maintaining
clients accounts and providing high-end produce                                           to restaurants and other commercial venues in the Central Virginia area
2000 – 2003                         ASSISTANT PASTRY CHEF, KESWICK HALL, Keswick, VA
                                          PRIVATE CHEF to Barbara and Mark Fried, FRIED COMPANIES, Whitehall, VA                
                                          PRIVATE CHEF to SHELIA DAVIS LAWRENCE, Keswick, VA
1998 - 1999                         ASSISTANT CATERING MANAGER, Unversity of Richmond, Richmond, VA
                                          Responsible for managing all aspects of UofR catered events and private catered events                                           on UofR campus
1997 - 1998                         ASSISTANT CATERING MANAGER, St. Catherine’s Private School, VA             
                                          Responsible for managing all aspects of campus catered events and private catered events