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Chef Z is incurably passionate about the subject of FOOD!

healthy food artfully presented...after all, without our health little else matters!

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                                      Healthy!  Fresh!  Organic!

           Chef Suzan "Z" Gray
          NRAEF ServSafe® Certified

healthy food artfully presented...after all, without our health little else matters

Chef Z + Creativity + Passion = AWESOME FOOD!
Chef Gray has received ServSafe® Certification

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The man behind Chef Z's inspiration...
her Dad, Albert Gray, circa 1925
Sommelier, Wine Expert, Kitchen Gadget Efficionado

Chef Z specializes in varied cuisines, including VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, and cuisines of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET!
Chef Z provides her services in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the surrounding states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey... and her growing list of states is expanding!

Chef Z, as she is known to her clients and culinary students, began her food career utilizing the creative act of writing, as a segue from her professional art career in California in the 1980’s and 90’s. And so she began her second career, in the food service industry, and was initially commissioned by the Monterey County Post in Carmel, CA to write a monthly food column as a stimulus for the minds and palates of their readership. Her column, entitled "What's Cooking at the Casa?" soon morphed into a weekly column, due to instant popularity.

It was at this time that her incurable passion for healthy food and the creative way in which it can be envisioned and manifested began to take root in her heart and mind and whispered alluringly in her ear. Onward and eastward, Chef Z relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 1997 and taught cooking and baking, in tandem with her sister, Pastry Chef Melissa Gray,at the Compleat Gourmet in Richmond's famed Carytown area.
As well, the newspaper column that had thrown her into food writing in California had now transformed itself into a self-published newsletter of the same title, distributed as hard copy to anxious subscribers around the country.

Having picked back up with her writing, she has written two monthly columns on the subject of healthy gourmet food, for several years for a local gourmet paper in Charlottesville, VA called IN THE KITCHEN. Chef Z also develops and writes customized recipes for her cooking students and is also in the process of writing her memoirs, cleverly disguised as a cookbook based on her unique experiences in the food service industry as Food Writer, Instructor, Catering Manager, and most hysterically as a Private Chef. Simultaneously, she is beginning a new project in partnership with a Certified Nutritional Chef, bringing healthy food to their clients that will enable them to implement a lifestyle of correct eating that will manifest in a naturally healthy and slim body.

Chef Z teaches privately, consults with forward thinking food establishments that offer organic and healthy products to their clientele, writes passionately about the subject of food, and offers Private and Personal Chef services for her "clients du jour."
Chef Z is in essence and intention, completely and utterly consumed with the thought of healthy food as a lifestyle, to be enjoyed and applied as an everyday component of becoming and remaining healthy.
...Buon appetito! Chef Z
Chef Z has written nationally for Chicago based LIVING WITHOUT magazine, focused on assisting and educating those with food allergies.

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